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The highest of base modrons, pentadrones serve as the police of the base population and as intermediaries between the base modrons and the godlike (in their view) decaton hierarchs. The pentadrones receive instructions passed down by the rules of Mechanus and see that they are implemented by the quadrones, policing them as necessary.
As five-function beings, these creatures can communicate, operate, monitor, plan, and manage. They can also react to unplanned situations. In the armies of the modrons, a dozen of them are always assigned to each regimental headquarters as an elite unit, while others actually command the regiment.
These five-armed creatures resemble starfish on thin, stiltlike legs. In addition to powerful arm attacks, pentadrones have a paralysis gas. Pentadrones can survive virtually any environment, withstanding temperature extremes from 210 degrees to -100°F without discomfort.


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